Entry: $45


Date & Time: December 5th, 12pm


Prizes: Rainbow Foil invigorate, Cold Foil Oldhims for top 8, Razor Reflex Mat for winner and 1 Mat as Raffle for all participants. Packs from Cru and Toa Unlim.


Mode of Play: Draft for upto 64 people, then Draft again for Top 8


Side events available on demand, win a box and win a case Blitz and Classic constructed will run after initial draft. This is dependant on if there are enough particpants keen so bring over your blitz and classic constructed decks too!


Deposit $45 with your name into this account: 03-0211-0078887-000
If it takes long to clear, a screenshot may be requested.


If you do not fill out form above AND make payment your spot is NOT reserved must do both to reserve a spot, limited ot only 64 players. Regular Dice Goblin Armoury Attendees will be given preference if there are not enough spaces.


Typical Covid restrictions based on government advice like vaccination status, signing in, distancing and face covering will apply.